Ecotherapy Program


The Chico State Ecotherapy Program is entirely funded by grants and donations. We care about providing services that are accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, age, or ability. Our generous donors and grant funders allow us to offer our services at no or reduced cost, removing financial barriers and health insurance requirements, so that everyone can experience our valuable healing services.

Your donation will help ensure that our program can continue to serve Chico State students, staff, faculty, and community members impacted by wildfire in Butte County. Join our supporters and please consider donating to the Ecotherapy Program so that we might continue to offer our holistic wellness services!

Donate to Ecotherapy

Your donation supports the ongoing development and delivery of our program. Here are some examples of what your donation will enable us to do:

  • $5 Sponsor an Invitation. This donation provides space for a simple moment of rest in the natural world that might otherwise be missed without guidance and dedication.
  • $30 Sponsor a Participant. A thirty-dollar donation will provide a professionally guided Forest Therapy experience for one student or community member.
  • $150 Sponsor a Walk. This donation will support a Forest Therapy experience for community members with a focus on those most greatly impacted by the 2018 Camp Fire
  • $350 Get the Kids Outside. This donation will provide a bus scholarship and sponsor a local k-12 class to receive a Forest Therapy Experience
  • $1,000 Help Certify a Forest Therapy Guide. Train a passionate person to help others fall in love with the natural world. We believe that people will protect what they love - and people love what they learn to see deeply. Forest Therapy Guides are professionally certified to transform our relationship with the natural world and become aware of what might otherwise be missed.