Ecotherapy Program

Meet Our Guides

Our Guides have been certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) and are trained in Wilderness First Aid. Click on the Guide's name for bio.

Portrait of Jon Aull
Jon Aull
Portrait of Blake Ellis
Blake Ellis
Portrait of Willow DeJesus
Willow DeJesus
  • Occupational Therapist
Portrait of Josh Trout
Josh Trout
  • Professor
    CSU, Chico
Portrait of Bethany Dorin
Bethany Dorin
  • Teacher
    Wildflower Open Classroom
Portrait of Greg Shafer
Greg Shafer
Portrait of Emiliano Cornejo
Emiliano Cornejo
  • Trainer, Coach & Consultant
    Butte College, NVCF & Enloe
Portrait of Stacey Wear
Stacey Wear
  • Video Content Producer
    Respectful Revolution Project
Portrait of Monique Osborne
Monique Osborne
  • Prevention Program Coordinator
    BCOE School Ties & Prevention Services
Portrait of Laura Nelson
Laura Nelson
  • Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Life Coach & Consultant
    Youth For Change Strong Starts & School-Based Counseling Program
Portrait of Dan Efseaff
Dan Efseaff
  • District Manager
    Paradise Recreation and Park District
Portrait of Karen Eley
Karen Eley
  • Wraparound Clinical Supervisor
    Youth for Change
Portrait of Kate Scowsmith
Kate Scowsmith
  • Disaster Case Management Systems Facilitator
    Camp Fire Collaborative
Portrait of Joe Wills
Joe Wills
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist