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Dr. Adel Ghandakly: Select Ph.D. Dissertation

Dr. Adel Ghandakly

Select Ph.D Dissertations

  • "A Model Reference Adaptive Controller for Stabilization of Multimachine Power Systems," P. Idowu, 1989.
  • "Design of a Microprocessor Based Adaptive Controller for Power Gen­erating Units," M. Brihoum, June 1993.
  • "Design of Multimachine Power System Adaptive Stabilizers by Pole Shifting Techniques," A. Jalal, December 1993.
  • "Multivariable Adaptive Control Algorithms and Applications to Multimachine Power Systems Stabilizer (PSS)", J. J Dai (PDF), March 1995.
  • " Adaptive Control Algorithms With Multiple Models and Fuzzy Logic Switching", K. S. Al-Olimat, August 1999.
  • “A New Generation of Adaptive Control: An Intelligent Supervisory Loop Approach”, Sukumar Kamalasadan, August 2004.
  • "Design of a Digital Control System for a Generating Unit Excitation Control Using an On-Line Minicomputer," Peter Kronegger, March 1984. (MS).