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Welcome to your door to the future! A degree in either Computer Engineering or Electrical/Electronic Engineering will prepare you for many great jobs including ones that haven't yet been invented. Our highly qualified faculty and small class size will provide you with an excellent opportunity to get an education that will prepare you for the rest of your professional life. Programs in our department are known for the hands-on experience that students gain while developing a critical understanding of electrical and computer engineering. Our students begin coursework in computer engineering and electrical/electronic engineering in their first year and have a number of technical electives from which to select before they graduate.  As a result, our students are prepared for professional careers in high demand areas, including embedded systems and Internet of Things devices that incorporate microprocessors and field-programmable gate arrays; power systems including alternative energy systems, robotics and control systems, digital and optical communications system design; digital signal and image processing; software engineering; biomedical instrumentation; and analog and mixed-signal design.

What's Happening!

Accelerating Hands-On Learning with Portable Instruments  Students in EECE 144 (Fundamentals of Logic Design), EECE 211L (Linear Circuits I Activity), and EECE 344 (Digital System Design) are using the latest tools to collect and analyze data on the performance of their circuits.  These palm-sized instruments are +/- 5 V power supplies, oscilloscopes, arbitrary function generators, and digital logic analyzers in one small package.  (That’s it, circled in yellow!) 

Student laptops are used to run the software needed to operate the instruments and to collect data, which can then be imported into MATLAB or Excel.  Students can complete their experiments anywhere on campus whenever they have free time – or even at home - rather than waiting for the lab classrooms to be available. 

student in circuits with portable instrument

Dr. Salehi and Dr. Lee Awarded NSF MRI Grant

EECE faculty members Dr. Hassan S. Salehi (Principal Investigator), and Dr. Ghang-Ho Lee (Co-Principal Investigator) along with their collaborators Dr. Mina Mahdian at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, and Dr. Patrick Donnelly at Oregon State University, have been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation grant for a swept-source optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging system and deep learning workstation (DLW). These instruments will allow faculty and students at these institutions to advance their research on biomedical sensing, imaging, and analytics and will help catalyze interdisciplinary efforts in healthcare and industrial non-destructive testing between College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management, College of Agriculture, and College of Natural Sciences

Congratulations to our 2019 Electrical & Computer Engineers!

2019 EECE graduating seniors

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Tutors are ready to support our lower division courses, EECE 144, EECE 211, and EECE 237 as well as EECE 311 and EECE 344. 

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Imagineer Day 2019

CSU Chico I-Corps Team Learns Entrepreneurial Skills

As part of the I-Corps program, the aforementioned CSU Chico team is working to find a problem-solution fit to help stroke patients recover from post-stroke symptoms (speech/communication therapy).