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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Degree Requirements

  • Completion of an approved program consisting of 30 units of 400/500/600-level courses as follows:
  1. At least 18 units, including a thesis or project if chosen, must be in electrical and computer engineering (EECE); remaining units may be selected from electrical or computer engineering or in related areas with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator.
  2. At least 18 of the units required for the degree must be in 600-level courses.
  3. Not more than 9 semester units of transfer and/or extension credit (correspondence courses and U.C. extension course work are not acceptable); Open University courses are included in this 9 unit total.
  • Completion and final approval of one of the following three plans as specified by the graduate advisory committee:
  1. Thesis Plan: This plan includes 24 units of course work and 6 units of thesis research (EECE 699T). Research may be theoretical or applied but must reflect an individual in-depth study into an approved topic. This plan requires a formal research thesis that must be submitted to Graduate Programs for approval and accession to the library.
  2. Project Plan: Requirements for this plan consist of 27 units of course work and 3 units of project preparation (EECE 699P). The project must show how analysis and design have been applied to a particular area of electronic or computer engineering. A written project description must be submitted to Graduate Programs for approval and accession to the library.
  3. Examination Plan: Requirements for this plan consist of 30 units of course work and a comprehensive examination prepared by the faculty. The  examination will cover areas discussed in the two program core courses.
  • Approval by the Graduate Coordinator and the Graduate Coordinators Committee on behalf of the faculty of the University.