Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lab Facilities

Third Floor O'Connell Technology Center

Networking Lab

The Networking Lab (OCNL 340) has ISP and enterprise level networking equipment donated by Cisco Systems sufficient to support 14 student pairs. Many networking and security courses in the college use the Networking Lab, including Introduction to Computer Networks and Network Management (EECE/CSCI 446), Introduction to Network Engineering (EECE 555) and Topics in Computer Networking (EECE 655).  The room also serves as the location for the CSU, Chico Information Security Club meetings.

EECE 446 students in OCNL 340 Networking Lab

Controls and PCB Lab

Embedded Systems Lab

The Embedded Systems Lab (OCNL 343) is used primarily by the Embedded Systems Classes (EECE 337 and EECE 437). This lab contains the host computers running development software and related test and development tools.

Communications and Imaging Lab

Communications Lab

The Communications and Imaging Lab (OCNL 343) is where students gain hands-on experience with optical-based communications and biomedical imaging equipment. The communications equipment in this lab includes modulation domain analyzers, power meters, oscilloscopes, multimeters, spectrum analyzers, RF network analyzers, various signal generators, microwave spectrum analyzers, pulse generators, VHF oscillators, and power supplies.  Optical computer tomography and photoacoustic imaging systems are available for students to use in some of our technical electives.  The lab equipment is also used by students who are engaged in communications and biomedical projects in our capstone design course (EECE 490A/B) and during independent study and extracurricular research projects, 

Analog and Mixed-Signal Lab

Advanced Electronics Lab

Student in our circuits lab course (EECE 211L) and in electronics courses, EECE 315 and EECE 316, develop the skills necessary to design, construct, and characterize analog and mixed-signal circuits and systems.  Room 344 OCNL contains oscilloscopes, power supplies, logic analyzers, digital multimeters and function generators.

Digital Systems Lab

Microprocessor Lab

The collaborative learning space in OCNL 346 is used by students as they work on experiments in our introductory digital logic course (EECE 144) and the design projects in our field-programmable gate array course (EECE 343) and our advanced microprocessor course (EECE 344).  Students use their laptops to run their portable electronics (an embedded system that contains a two-channel oscilloscope, two function generators, two low-voltage power supplies, and a 16-channel logic analyzer), the integrated development environment (IDE) software for their microprocessors and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) as they learn how to design embedded systems.


Projects Lab

The Projects Lab (OCNL 341) serves as the primary meeting area and work space for students working on their capstone projects. Networked computers with software needed to support hardware/software project development are available.  The lab is also hosts EECE tutoring sessions and is used by our IEEE, HKN, and other student clubs in the late afternoon and evening.