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EGSC Offices and Officers

The following officers are serving for the course of the 2017–18 academic year. For information on becoming and EGSC Officer, see the Membership page. Information on the roles and responsibilities of each officer is listed beneath each position on this page.

Megan Mann, president,

  • Convene EGSC meetings as necessary.
  • Organize and advertise EGSC meetings, or appoint a member(s) to do so.
  • Preside at all EGSC meetings.
  • Represent the EGSC in an official capacity at the department, college, University, regional, or national level, or appoint a member(s) to do so.
  • Perform any other functions necessary and proper for the welfare of the EGSC not expressly prohibited or otherwise delegated by the provisions of the Constitution or Bylaws.

Catherine Wilcox, vice president of Academic Affairs,

  • Serve as a liaison between the department and school administration and EGSC, in conjunction with the President.
  • Report to the EGSC concerning administrative decisions and developments impacting on graduate student life.
  • Serve as EGSC parliamentarian, assuring proper interpretation and implementation of the Constitution and Bylaws according to Robert's Rules of Order.

Kelsey King, vice president of Social Affairs,

  • Propose, organize, and oversee the execution of at least one social event for graduate students during each of the fall and spring terms.
  • Procure and spend EGSC funds for the execution of such events, in accordance with the wishes of the EGSC.
  • Actively conduct an annual membership drive.

Keaton Kirkpatrick, secretary,

  • Record and distribute the minutes of EGSC meetings.
  • Assist the President in the execution of her or his duties.
  • Assist the Vice President of Social Affairs in conducting membership drives and maintaining membership records.
  • Maintain and oversee EGSC correspondence.

Brittany DeLacy, treasurer,

  • Keep a full account of money expended and received, and shall make a report of such account at such time as the EGSC shall desire.
  • Coordinate departmental and University administered receipts and all expenditures and financial responsibilities to the EGSC.
  • Have charge of all accounts managed by the EGSC.
  • Manage all budgets related to EGSC sponsored events. 
  • Administrate all EGSC fundraising.