English Graduate Student Council

Welcome to the homepage of the English Graduate Student Council (EGSC).

The EGSC Mission

The purpose of EGSC is to serve as a forum for the discussion of matters pertaining to the welfare of graduate students enrolled in the Department of English at California State University, Chico.

Our goals for the 2017–18 academic year are:

  • To facilitate the academic progress, growth, and excellence of graduate students,
  • To improve our resourcefulness in serving between the graduate student body and the Department of English, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, and the University,
  • To contribute to the recognition and integration of graduate students on campus,
  • To foster unity among graduate students within the English Department as well as at California State University, Chico,
  • And lastly, to build connections with the organizations and councils of other campuses.


We would like to welcome the incoming EGSC officers:

  • Megan Mann, president
  • Catherine Wilcox, vice president of Academic Affairs
  • Kelsey King, vice president of Social Affairs
  • Keaton Kirkpatrick, secretary
  • Brittany DeLacy, treasurer


2016–17 Logo: The Typewriter

(Created by Kyleen Bromley, former vice president of Social Affairs)