Keynote Speaker:

Fall 13 Symposium Keynote Kittle

PhD English, University of Oregon, 1998
MA English, University of Oregon, 1995
BS English Education, Oregon State University, 1987

Research and scholarly interests: Technology and literacy, composition pedagogy, institutional theory, cultural studies, critical pedagogy, children's literature, contemporary British novelists

I am currently working on two scholarly projects, both focused on technology and literacy. The first is a study of memes in pedagogy; the second is a theorizing of identity in the age of digital distribution.


Janette Allen is a Chico native, the mother of two daughters, the wife of a man with a beard, the owner of two black labs and a graduate student at Chico State. Her work asks questions concerning the historically under-represented in American literature and seeks to reinstate the voice of ignored and intentionally disregarded writers.

Lisa Anina Berman is a graduate student in her last semester of the program. This collection of poetry is from her master's project called SaltWild. She has been teaching English 130 for the last year and a half. She plans on teaching at the community college level after she graduates in December.

Tomie Anne Bitton, English graduate student, is pursuing her passion for writing in the Creative Writing pattern at CSU Chico. She was honored with first prize in the CSU Chico English Writers’ Competition in Fall 2012 for the creative nonfiction memoir “Learning to Swim”. Women and their relationships inspire her. 

Daria Booth will begin the graduate program in English in the spring 2014 semester. She is currently enrolled in Rob Davidson’s Fiction writing class and works on campusas the advancement director in the college of humanities and fine arts. She and her husband and daughter live in Paradise.

Jessica Calhoun is in her second year of the English M.A. Program. She is interested in how students navigate writing in all areas of their academic and non-academic lives. She lives in Chico with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and a pocketful of dreams.

Nathan Collins is in his third year of the English graduate program at Chico State. Nathan will complete his Master’s thesis in Spring 2014, a work which focuses on Henry David Thoreau’s Walden-by-the-sea, Cape Cod, in an analysis of the variations of individualism embedded within American culture.  He is presenting original poems written from his life experiences in the Pacific Northwest.

Lina Dong received her B.A. in Chinese Linguistics and Literature in China, and she is pursuing her master degree in Teaching International Languages Program in School of Education at CSU, Chico. As a Graduate Student from Teaching International Languages program, she is interested in English teaching and learning, especially English as a second language. She hopes she can help English education back in China, her home country.

Dani Fernandez is in her first semester as a graduate student pursuing an MA in Creative Writing. She began writing last year in Paul Eggers' Beginning Creative Nonfiction class and hasn't stopped writing since.

Michael Fitzpatrick is completing his Masters in English, and is currently applying to PhD programs for philosophy. When he's not reading Milton or debating Spinoza, he spends his time with his lovely wife Mary, who is also completing a Masters degree at Chico State.

Kylie Kenner plans to graduate from San Francisco State University in the Spring 2014 semester with an M.A. in English Composition. She is also a graduate teaching associate and a writing workshop tutor. Kylie’s pedagogy and research focus on improving student affect and composing in real world genres.

Jarret Krone is currently an English Graduate Student with an emphasis in rhetoric and composition. He is working as a writing mentor within the U-Course Pilot, and is chipping away at his thesis. His research includes the recurrent rhetoric around emergent technologies, and the impact of technological biases on pedagogy and student literacy.

Jon McCallum, in his final year as a graduate student, has been studying photo-based media in the Department of Art and Art History. With a predilection for poetry, he has been mixing his images with words, creating layers of meaning that neither words nor images could make on their own.

Athena Murphy is pursuing an M.A. in English Literature. She is focusing on the role of humor in American literature.

Francesca Nesfield, as a third year graduate student in the Teaching International Languages, MA program, has dedicated herself to teaching and helping native and non-native speakers’ learn effective ways of writing. Her current work seeks to understand what are the strategies used by international students during their writing process in relation to their identities.

Victoria Proctor is a graduate student in literature who spends more time focusing on science fiction and social films than she does on the actual topic of her thesis.  With any luck, she'll be graduating in Spring 2014.  With even more luck, she'll then proceed to a nice job with benefits.

Karissa Riegel is finishing her second year in graduate school at CSU Chico. She is pursuing her M.A. in Teaching International Languages with a focus on teaching English to speakers of other languages. The presentation tonight comes out of her work in a seminar course devoted to network theory, where students applied scientific theories about networks to different aspects of education.

Marty Salgado is currently in the English masters program with an emphasis in creative writing. Marty writes non-fiction and is currently working on his masters creative writing project focusing on his Mexican-American heritage and exploring his memories of his childhood. The essay being presented will appear in his final manuscript. 

Rosa Scoma is an undergraduate student on her last year at Chico State. She hopes to make a career out of writing poetry, young adult/children’s books, screenplays and songs. She hopes to use any extra money made towards helping Foster Kids find a comforting place within society.   

Robert Searway is in the English Masters Degree program at Cal State University Stanislaus.  This paper stems from his interest and research regarding writers of the California landscape.  He is also working on a master’s thesis concerning the Victorian author Elizabeth Gaskell and spatial conceptions.

Mark Smith is a second year graduate student at California State University, Chico. He is pursuing an M.A. in English with an emphasis on Language & Literacy. He will be making a presentation based on a seminar paper that discusses the potential pitfalls involved in the seemingly innocent act of reading Mark Twain's "The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson."

Derek Swain is currently an English Graduate Student with an emphasis in Composition and Education. He works at the University as an Instructor of an Academic Writing course, and is in the beginning stages of his thesis. He will be making a presentation based on a seminar paper which draws on speech act theory to discuss the presence and power of speech within the community and individuals of Twain's Pudd'nhead Wilson.

Stan Upshaw is an English Studies major with a minor in Creative Writing.  He is planning on pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing next Fall.

Charles Bradford Walker is a second year graduate student at CSU, Chico in the English program with an emphasis in creative writing.  He is currently teaching beginning creative writing while working toward his M.A. Degree.  While his thesis project will be based in fictional short story, he writes poetry and nonfiction as well.  He has lived in many places across this country, but considers Northern California his home.  Much of his writing is based in this knowledge.

Jeremy Wallace is a second year grad student in the English department with an emphasis in Literature and a passion for creative writing. His interests include 19th and 20th Century American Literature and Films of all genres.

Dani Weast is in her fourth year of the English Graduate Program with an emphasis in Creative Writing. This semester she’s focused on mentoring English 30 and 30E, as well as interning for Watershed Review. Hoping to defend in spring semester of 2014, she continues to develop a collection of short stories focused on themes of insecurity, gender roles, and good old self-discovery.

Kris Wheat is currently in her second year of graduate school at CSU, Chico. She is pursuing an M.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. The poems she will be presenting are from a larger work which will be compiled into a manuscript for her Master’s Project.