Environmental Health and Safety

Electronic Waste

In an effort to increase the sustainability of our operations, Environmental Health & Safety has contracted with Tycoon Materials, Inc. to refurbish and recycle all electronic waste generated on campus. This will increase the reuse of campus generated electronic devices prior to recycling them. 

What is E-Waste?

Electronic waste, or "e-waste," is unwanted or non-working electronic equipment. E-waste is classified as universal waste, a category of hazardous waste. Many electronic products contain hazardous ingredients such as lead and mercury. There are specific regulations for discarding e-waste and, in general, it cannot be discarded in regular solid waste landfills. Computers, monitors, televisions, and stereos are just a few examples of e-waste. Please contact EH&S at 898-5126 if you have questions about e-waste.

How is E-Waste Collected on Campus?

If you would like to dispose of unwanted electronic materials, please contact one of the following departments:

  • If the electronic item has a property tag, regardless of if it is working or not,
    please contact Property Management at ext. 5176.
  • If the electronic item is still working, regardless of if it has a property tag,
    please contact Property Management at ext. 5176.
  • If the electronic item does not have a property tag and it is not working,
    please contact Environmental Health & Safety at ext. 5126.

How is E-Waste Processed on Campus?

Working, but unwanted, electronic items are offered as a donation to Computers for Classrooms for immediate reuse.

Non-working electronics are considered e-waste and are sent to Computers for Classrooms for refurbishment.

What Happens to Our E-Waste?

Campus e-waste is sent to Computers for Classrooms for refurbishment and subsequent reuse in our local community. Computers for Classrooms, a non-profit organization located in Chico, is authorized to collect and refurbish electronic waste. These items are repaired, tested and evaluated for potential reuse in public and private schools, including schools in the Chico Unified School District. All items which Computers for Classrooms cannot refurbish and reuse are then shipped off to be recycled.