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For current COVID-19 Event/Activity Guidelines (Food), please visit Event/Activity Guidelines. (PDF)

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), with the help of the Campus Health and Safety Committee, has recently reviewed and updated several health and safety plans. These plans apply to various employees based on particular job duties. Please take a moment to review the applicable plans to ensure you have the most up-to-date safety information. Please visit the EHS website for more information on Programs and Forms(opens in new window).

Recently Updated Plans


Did you know that Hazardous Materials Manager Kenny Wahl was recently designated as the campus Laser Safety Officer? This appointment was done as part of the new campus laser safety program. EHS, in collaboration with the Department of Physics, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, developed and implemented a Laser Safety Program(opens in new window) that complies with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Cal-OSHA.


For your convenience, EHS combined several existing safety plans into one comprehensive Medical Monitoring Program. This change centralizes medical surveillance requirements for hazards related to asbestos, blood-borne pathogens, laboratory work, lead, noise, and respiratory protection. Please check out the new plan for the latest information on the Medical Monitoring Program following Cal/OSHA standards applicable to your work area.


Mystery container? Cal/OSHA requires all chemicals to be properly labeled. Missing or incomplete labels on products can pose serious risks to students and employees. Many old containers no longer meet the Cal/OSHA labeling requirements and need to be updated or disposed. To help keep up with current labeling standards, EHS has developed a quick reference guide (PDF). Please review chemical containers and ensure all products have current and complete labels.


Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS) provides a one-stop-shop for lab safety, occupational health, and risk management. RSS is a systemwide-sponsored software to identify hazards, inventory chemicals, and perform safety inspection for laboratories and other campus spaces. Implementation of four modules: Assess, Chemicals, Analytics, and Inspect, is well underway, with full implementation expected by 2021. 


EHS would like to remind the campus community that first aid kits for on-campus use may not contain any medicines, ointments, or creams. If your first aid kit contains these products, please bring them to the EHS office for appropriate disposal. These restrictions do not apply to the WellCat Health Center and athletic trainers.

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