Environmental Health and Safety

Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS)

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Access to RSS is through their website (www.riskandsafety.com) or through their mobile apps.  Please use your Chico State Single Sign-on to gain access.

The software includes three integrated modules: Assess, Chemicals, and Inspect.  For help documents and tutorials, please click on module name below.

For instruction on how to create and manage groups, please reference the Creating and Managing Groups in RSS (PDF).

To understand lab/shop member's roles (Responsible person, Delegate and Authorized User), view Product Roles (PDF).

  • Assess: A tool which allows faculty and instructional support techs to identify hazards in the lab spaces they are responsible for and share this and other critical safety information about these hazards with the members of their lab.
  • Chemicals: A chemical inventory management tool that uses a barcoding system to quickly add chemicals to an inventory. It includes a library of chemicals that are referenced to populate chemical details, like hazards and first aid information. Chemicals is available in a phone app as well as for tablet or desktop.
  • Inspect: A laboratory safety inspection tool for faculty and instructional support techs to perform on their own lab spaces to ensure compliance with safety regulations.  Inspect is available in a phone app as well as for tablet and desktop.