Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

EHS Announces Spring 2023 Drill Schedule!

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety in cooperation with the University Police Department conducts evacuation drills of campus buildings. These drills are mandated by the Chancellor’s Executive Order No.1056 and CCR Title 19, Office of the State Fire Marshal and are integral to the Campus’ Emergency Preparedness Program. We remind the campus community that it is required by law that all persons evacuate upon notification of the fire alarm.

22-23 Drill Evacuation Schedule
BuildingDay of The WeekTimeSpring 2023
University FarmMonday7:30 AM3/6/2023
Holt Hall, Holt Station, Aymer Jay Hamilton, and Modoc HallTuesday11:05 AM3/7/2023
Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts Center, Ayres Hall and Laxson AuditoriumTuesday2:05 PM4/4/2023
Yolo Hall, Shurmer Gymnasium and Acker GymnasiumTuesday2:05 PM4/11/2023

We want our students, faculty, staff, and community to be prepared and vigilant when it comes to dealing with any emergency situation.

We encourage you to review and become familiar with the following information before an emergency occurs.

  • Read the University Emergency Action Plan (PDF).
  • Participate in building evacuation drills and know where your building's Emergency Assembly Point (PDF) is located.
  • Sign up for emergency notifications through Chico State Alerts.
  • Watch the Active Shooter Training video below.
  • Complete first aid/CPR training.
  • Be alert to your surroundings. Report unusual circumstances and suspicious persons by calling 9-1-1.

CSU Active Shooter Video

This video outlines the "Run, Hide, Fight" survival method to be used in the case of an active shooter situation. It was produced for the CSU system to help prepare students, faculty, staff and community members for the potential threat of a gunman. The video was produced with input from campus police chiefs throughout the 23 CSU campuses.