Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Training

Throughout the 2023-2024 academic year, a variety of emergency preparedness trainings will be offered. For questions about these trainings, contact Environmental Health and Safety at 530-898-5126.

Emergency Preparedness Academic Year 2023-2024
AudienceTraining Course/TopicDelivery Method(s)Due DateDuration
All new employeesEmergency Action Plan (PDF)Web based30 days from hire30 minutes
All new employeesIntro to Emergency PreparednessWeb based30 days from hire30 minutes
Staff employeesNew Employee OrientationIn personFirst month20 minutes
Campus communityRun, Hide, Fight (Active Shooter)Web basedVoluntary10 minutes
Campus communityNational Emergency Preparedness MonthIn person and multimediaVoluntaryNA
Floor Evacuation Coordinators Floor Evacuation TrainingWeb based30 days from volunteering30 minutes
Floor Evacuation Coordinators Assisting People with DisabilitiesWeb based30 days from volunteering20 minutes
Floor Evacuation Coordinators Fire Extinguisher TrainingWeb based 30 days from volunteering20 minutes

*New members will need to complete training when added to the team. 

CSU Active Shooter Video

This video outlines the "Run, Hide, Fight" survival method to be used in the case of an active shooter situation. It was produced for the CSU system to help prepare students, faculty, staff and community members for the potential threat of a gunman. The video was produced with input from campus police chiefs throughout the 23 CSU campuses.

Please refer to these general Shelter-In-Place Procedures (PDF) for how to respond to a situation involving a threat of violence, severe weather, or an environmental hazard.