Emergency Situation on Campus - Are You Ready?

Do you know what you should do during a building emergency?

  • Where should you go if your building is evacuated?
  • How do you find the most recent emergency response information?

The document show titled "Emergency Preparedness Plan" (2010) is no longer current and should be removed and recycled. This plan has been replaced by the "University Emergency Response Guide" and provides important information related to appropriate actions to take during a variety of emergencies that could possibly occur on Campus or affect the Campus.  


The Guide is available on-line and is recommended that it be bookmarked for quick and easy access.

The Emergency Response Guide is no longer printed and distributed Campus-wide for sustainability reasons.  Providing this document on-line allows for periodic updates as needed, avoid the use of massive amounts of paper, and the time required for Campus-wide distribution. In addition, this allows all employees to reference the same and most current version of the Guide.

We highly recommend all members of the Campus community to review and be familiar with the information provided in the Emergency Response Guide. During an emergency, it is likely there will not be time to find out what actions you should take.  Planning ahead can be critical in regards to your safety and that of others during an emergency.

Other links on this page provide additional information related to the Emergency Preparedness Program, including links to National and State Emergency Preparedness Training, the Campus Building Evacuation schedule, how you can help others during emergencies by serving as a Floor Evacuation Coordinator, information about the Campus CERT Team, and much more.