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Emergency Preparedness

Drills & Activities

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety in cooperation with the University Police Department conducts evacuation drills of campus buildings. These drills are mandated by the Chancellor’s Executive Order No.1056 and CCR Title 19, Office of the State Fire Marshal and are integral to the Campus’ Emergency Preparedness Program. We remind the campus community that it is required by law that all persons evacuate upon notification of the fire alarm.

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Spring Evacuation Drills has been postponed.

If you have any questions regarding evacuation drills, please contact the Department of Health and Safety at 530-898-5126.

Click the timelines below to learn more about the drills, incidents and other activities coordinated by Environmental Health and Safety and the Emergency Preparedness team. 

2018-19 timeline preview

2019-20 drill exercise timeline final

Glenn Hall Shelter-In-Place Drill (PDF) - September 26, 2019