The Department of English

Graham Thurgood


My academic publications fall within several broad areas.  Within the arena of Southeast Asian languages, my interests tend to focus on contact relationships and the history of the Sino-Tibetan languages (Chinese, Tibetan, and so on), Kra-Dai (=Tai-Kadai, Thai, Lao, Hlai, and Shan), and  the Chamic subgroup of Austronesian (Hainan Cham, Acehnese, Malayo-Polynesian). This interest is manifested mainly in various books and articles.

            A second area of interest has been language acquisition and language teaching, including ESL, with a focus on materials and classroom management. Many have been published in newspapers, articles, and other contexts.

            Still other interests include tonogenesis, geminates, and discourse, the latter relevant but not restricted to English grammar.

Portrait of Graham Thurgood