The Department of English

Laura Sparks

English Honors Advisor; Rhetorical Theory, Political Rhetorics, Digital Rhetorics, and Composition/Writing Studies
Office Hours: T 9:30-11:30; Zoom: W 1-3

Dr. Sparks’s research interests include rhetorical theory, political rhetorics, digital rhetorics, and composition/writing studies. She is currently pursuing a project on the relationship between rhetoric and (post-9/11) interrogational torture, with particular attention to digital human rights rhetoric and rhetorical constructions of urgency and timeliness. Recent publications and conference presentations include research on Kenneth Burke and Abu Ghraib, cynic rhetoric, and post-human approaches to digital delivery. Her teaching interests range from academic writing to the rhetoric of human rights. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, knitting, and playing in the garden with her two toddlers.

Portrait of Laura Sparks