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Minor in Secondary Language Arts

The Minor in Secondary Language Arts is designed to enhance the knowledge of future secondary English teachers by providing the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the discipline. As part of the minor’s requirements, students may choose to focus their attention on a specific subdiscipline (creative writing, language and literacy, literature, theatre arts), or take a general approach with a mix of subdisciplines. This minor, when paired with the English major’s English Education Option*, fulfills the requirements for the Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in English (also known as the CSET Waiver), which is one of the requirements for earning a California teaching credential.

*Students who began at Chico State in Spring 2021 or earlier may not need the Minor in Secondary Language Arts to earn the CSET Waiver.

Minor Advisor

Peter Kittle

Peter Kittle
Phone: 530-898-3241
Location: ARTS 273

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