EOP Alumni Connection

EOP Alumni Connection

For many first-time students, EOP wasn't just an access program, it was a support system that changed their lives.

Through this website we hope to reconnect with the thousands of EOP alumni throughout the state and share their stories about how EOP made a difference in their lives. Let us know what you have been up to since graduating, sign our guest book, donate to the fund to assist current EOP students, share your memories, and reconnect with the Educational Opportunity Program.

Join us in celebrating the success of our alumni, and our current EOP students.

Welcome back to Chico State and the Educational Opportunity Program. We look forward to hearing from you!

EOP 50 Years October 11-12, 2019

In 2019 programs statewide celebrated the 50th anniversary of EOP. Chico State joined in the celebration on October 12, 2019 with a gala dinner and dance. We were thrilled to have many alumni, staff, and friends join us in honoring the thousands of students who have graduated from Chico State with the support of EOP.