Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association

James E. Gregg


Department of Political Science

Chair, Political Science and Journalism; Graduate Dean, Director of Research, and Associate Vice President, 1971–1977 and 1980–1981; Director, Survey Research Center; Director, Institute for Local Government; member, campus and statewide academic senates.

Education secretary for Gov. Pat Brown; staff consultant to Supt. of Public Instruction Wilson Riles; research assistant to U.S. Senator Richard Neuberger of Oregon; political consultant to local, state, and federal office candidates.

Directed Survey Research Foundation grants and contracts worth several million dollars from government and private sector clients.

Author of journalism text, two UC monographs, two book chapters, several journal articles, and many freelance newspaper articles.

Campus merit award for teaching and service, 1988; Western Political Science Association award for most outstanding research on a problem of government in the western states, 1965.

Specialized in mass media, public opinion, and survey research.

Portrait of James E. Gregg