Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association

Edward Bronson, PhD*


Department of Political Science
Deceased: 2022

Founded the Public Law program of the Department of Political Science, the Criminal Justice program, Paralegal Certificate, Pre-Law Society, and Student Law Union of Minorities.

Created the Community Legal Information Center in 1969. He was an innovator of teaching pedagogy by creating CLIC as one of the earliest academically based community service learning experiences for students.

Served as change of venue, severance, discrimination, voir dire, and death qualified jury consultant and expert witness in significant national cases.

Created international connections through lectures and consultancies between Chico State and public and private institutions in Portugal and Micronesia.

Contributed to the success of hundreds of students--many now successful lawyers and judges--through his mentoring and sponsoring of scholarships and awards. His efforts included special programs for Alaska Natives, Micronesians, American law school minority groups, and U.S. prisoners.

Promoted a commitment to individuals, populations, and causes that have been traditionally underrepresented in the legal system.

One of the first faculty members to teach through the campus satellite system educational network.



Portrait of Edward Bronson, PhD*