Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association

Ira P. Latour


Department of Art And Art History
Deceased: 2015

A student of photographic geniuses Ansel Adams and Edward Weston who chose to share his training and talents with others through teaching rather than a career of painting and selling.

Established the slide and photo library and archive for classroom use in the department and throughout the University.

Specialized in Mexican and Latin American art; spent time in Mexico studying the art of the region and bringing his knowledge back to the classroom where he could better provide the growing number of Hispanic students with an awareness of their traditions.

Produced 25 professional documentary films with Chico State professors including anthropologist Valene Smith and artist Janet Turner.

His film, "Three Stone Blades," received many awards including a bronze medal at the New York Film Festival.

He influenced the rapid expansion of the art history area of the department.

He provided aerial film footage revered by the U.S. military as documentation of North Africa theater of operations during World War II.

Portrait of Ira P. Latour