Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association

Karl J. Wahl


Facilities Planning, Administration, Business Office, and Student Housing
Deceased: 2018

Director of Facilities Planning from 1966 until retirement in 1983; worked in Business Office as Accounting Manager when Elizabeth Stolp had her son; Accounting Technician for 3 years; Business Officer for 7 years; Student Housing Manager (Vets Village) after graduation from Chico State. Worked part-time for Allan Forbes as an Administrative Assistant in an advisory capacity for two years after retirement until 1985.

Served on Budget Review Committee for State Division of Affairs.

Responsible for selling property donated to The University Foundation; oversaw many additions and improvements to the Chico State campus under his leadership.

Timer for Chico State basketball games for several years.

Director of Silver Dollar Fair for 8 years.

Served on Downtown Chico City Parking Committee.

Past President of Greater Chico Kiwanis Club; Past President of Masonic High 12 Club.

Member of Comanche Riders Association (spent two weeks on horseback once a year).

Portrait of Karl J. Wahl