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Margie Wilson


Department of Athletics

Margie Wilson’s 40-year career in physical education and Department of Athletics was instrumental in the major successes the University enjoyed expanding its programs during that period.

Wilson started as a work-study student in the Department of Physical Education in 1969, and never strayed far from that first job, ultimately working for Athletics. The breadth and depth of her responsibilities, however, grew significantly over time. As an administrative analyst/specialist for Athletics, she was in charge of, among many other responsibilities, purchasing processes, contracting and procurement, and personnel policy and procedure for seven collective bargaining units. Wilson was also required to compile materials for NCAA and federal audits and financial reports, work without parallel elsewhere on campus, which could take months to complete. Throughout her tenure, she juggled her long-term projects and daily work assignments with a well-organized focus and poised approach.

While working under nine different athletic directors, Wilson consistently made extra efforts to help the University showcase the best athletic teams possible. Through budget crises, reorganizations and program expansion into the NCAA Division II’s California Collegiate Athletic Association, she was the go-to person for the coaches and administrators she served. “Margie was the pioneer in the Department of Athletics and the glue that held everything together,” said Don Batie, former athletic director. “She is the department ‘history.’”

Among the many extra things Wilson did for Athletics was serving for 10 years as secretary-treasurer and event manager for the Chico State Athletic Hall of Fame Committee. She also served five years in the same capacity for the Athletic Auction Fundraising Committee. In 2002, she was inducted as an honorary member of the Chico State Athletic Hall of Fame. Four years later, she was accorded the campuswide honor of being named Outstanding Employee of the Year. Wilson also served on Staff Council for several years and coordinated successful blood drives.

Wilson was regularly involved in community service and fundraising projects for Athletics, whether doing the bookkeeping or making items herself to be donated and auctioned.  “She often went beyond the call of duty,” Batie said. “Margie Wilson was one of the most outstanding individuals that I had the pleasure of working with.

Portrait of Margie Wilson