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Gregg Berryman


Department of Communication Design

Gregg Berryman not only mentored many outstanding designers over the course of his 46-year career, he also lent his unique design skills to help shape the image of Chico State's campus as we know it today. No one has had more to do with the evolution of this University's graphic identity than Professor Berryman.

With special expertise in brand identity systems, Berryman was a natural to lead Chico State in developing its graphic look and feel. He went well beyond designing the University’s flame symbol, campus seal, and Wildcat images. He served as a consultant to several presidents on campus projects, including the 100th anniversary celebration, the University timeline in Kendall Hall, and the Nettleton Stadium signage. He was the cover designer and art director for 20 University catalogs.

During his tenure, Berryman was the architect and coordinator of Chico State’s renowned graphic design program. He was responsible for design history, letterforms, packaging, and brand identity courses that impacted over 4,400 graduates. In corporations, ad agencies and as consultants and faculty in universities nationwide, hundreds of Chico State graphic designers have made a significant footprint across California and the nation. Four of these award winners have been recognized as Distinguished Alumni for the College of Communication: Mark Ulriksen (60 New Yorker covers), Craig Frazier (US postage stamps), Steve Tolleson (the book Wash Spin Dry), and Michael Shea (work for Esprit and Nike).

The same willingness to help students was evident in Berryman's desire to assist the community. He served on the board of the Chico Museum for 20 years. He curated the major exhibits Where is Chico?, Yosemite Revisited, and Chico Architecture. His enormous timeline exhibit Chico—A Place in Time, documents the city from 1850–2000. Berryman participated in public art juries for the City of Chico Arts Commission and contributed posters and signage to Bidwell Mansion’s Visitor Center.

Berryman’s commitment and passion for Chico State is special. With his wife, Phyllis, he has endowed and awarded 75 graphic design scholarships. And as ardent boosters of Chico State Athletics, they have endowed and awarded 20 women and men’s basketball scholarships.

Berryman has authored three successful textbooks used in graphic design education, including the best seller Notes on Graphic Design. He earned a BS in Design and Master of Applied Arts from Montana State University.

Portrait of Gregg Berryman