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Carol Rudolph


Student Financial Services, Procurement, Accounting

Carol Rudolph combined technical expertise, communication skills, and a giving spirit to touch the lives of countless people on and off the Chico State campus.

Rudolph worked in several financial services departments throughout her 19-year career on campus, including Student Financial Services, Procurement and Contract Services, and Accounting. When the campus converted to the complex Peoplesoft enterprise software in the early 2000s, Rudolph was part of the purchasing implementation team.

After the Peoplesoft conversion, Rudolph moved to Financial Services to create the necessary purchasing and accounting system training materials. Not only did Rudolph develop training for the new system, she also led the trainings herself, providing a huge service to campus. With great success, she held classes on a requisition basis and made herself available for questions and assistance.

“Before Carol left, her personal training was transferred into online guides, but it hasn’t been the same without the personal touch,” said Jessica Westbay, Procurement and Contract Services.

“I particularly remember her in her Peoplesoft support role, providing crucial training and support to many across campus.” said Jan Burnham, retired director, Student Financial Services.

“Carol Rudolph was one of those employees that after they retire, staff on campus are still talking about her,” said Stacie Corona, associate vice president, Financial Services. “She had a sense of grace, patience and genuine care for everyone she worked with on campus.”

Rudolph’s campus accomplishments were recognized in 2012 when she was named Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year.

Rudolph served on Staff Council and was also an ardent supporter of the Needy Children Program. Before gifts were distributed to family members, she would check to see if there were requests that remained unfilled, and then she would fill in the gaps, said Katy Rollo, Financial Accounting and Reporting. “If she could get away with it, Carol wouldn’t log in her name as the person buying items—she didn’t want that attention.”

Rudolph’s colleagues in Procurement and Contract Services also recall how she provided them with reusable forks and plates for special occasions: “Carol being sustainable before it was even cool to be sustainable,” said Jennifer Thayer, procurement specialist. “Most of us still use those items today, all in Carol’s honor.”

After her retirement in 2014, Rudolph returned as a much-valued retired annuitant, serving as an administrative analyst for the Department of Humanities and Fine Arts and Intercollegiate Athletics.

Portrait of Carol Rudolph