Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association

Hall of Honor Archive

Welcome to the Chico State Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association (ERFSA) Hall of Honor Archive. Here we celebrate the previous inductees into the Hall of Honor per year. For 2010 faculty were inducted, with staff beginning to be inducted in 2011. You can visit each year's archive below or with the menu to your left under "Past Honorees".

Dave Ball, Gregg Berryman, William Fisher, Mary Jensen, Mary Portis, Dale Steiner (faculty), Susan Anderson, Debra Barger, Daniel DeWayne, Barbara Heidinger (staff)

Lisa Emmerich, Arno Rethans, Irv Schiffman, William Simmons (faculty), Charles Carter, Don Osborne, Shirley Rabo, Margie Wilson (staff)

Antoinette Martinez, James O'Bannon, Charles Price, Robert Thomas (faculty), Claudia Beaty, Carol Berg, Billie Kanter, Joe Wills (staff)

Don Alger, Royce Delmatier, Carol Huston, William Lane (faculty), Terry Battle, Herman Ellis, Mary Poulin, Anne Russell (staff)

Keith Johnson, Robert Main, James Richmond, Clarence Knight Studley (faculty), Fidelis Hampton, Elvin Shepherd, Susan Toussaint, Tracy Waldroop (staff)

Carol Burr, Glenn Kendall, Persis Sturges, William Stephens (faculty), Norma Jones, Linda MacMichael, Robert Pentzer, Richard Sorenson (staff)

Phyllis Bush, Donald Gerth, Arley Howsden, Roger Lederer, George Donald Lillibridge, Robert Rankin (faculty), Roger Anderson, Faye Anglen, Mary Helen Casamajor, James Jessee, Patrick Kopp, Mackay Martin (staff)

Edward Bronson, Fred Brooks, George Keithley, Ira Latour, Ralph Meuter, John Sutthoff (faculty), Abraham Baily, Harold Bramsen, Kenneth Edson, Ann Pyeatt, G. Robert Standing, Karl Wahl (staff)

Harlen Adams, James Gregg, David Kistner, Michele Shover, Janet Turner, Royd Weintraub (faculty), Caroline Aldrich-Langen, Gayle Boyer, Elizabeth Keener Stolp, Sharon Chez Salcido, Garry Small, Eunice Toussaint (staff)

Welsey Dempsey, Allan Forbes, W.H. Hutchinson, Paul Kinney, David Lantis, Betty Lou Raker, Valene Smith (faculty)