Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association

Welcome to ERFSA

The 2023 Hall of Honor

This year's event was a huge success! We hope everyone who was able to attend in-person or virtually enjoyed the ceremony. An archive of the livestream is now available(opens in new window). Photos for the event are also available(opens in new window).

Nomination forms for the 2024 Hall of Honor are also available (PDF).

The California State University, Chico Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association (ERFSA) finds its purpose in promoting the welfare of the University and the members of the Association. In doing so, the hope is that all retired faculty and staff are shown the appropriate respect, appreciation, and recognition.

ERFSA Executive Committee

  • Jim Richmond - President
  • Vacant - Secretary
  • Jim Gregg - Advisory Committee, Chair
    • Lyla Gregg - Advisory Committee
    • Paul Moore - Advisory Committee
    • David Wilkinson - Advisory Committee
  • Ralph Meuter - Faculty Awards Committee, Chair
    • Abe Baily - Faculty Awards Committee
    • Sandra Flake - Faculty Awards Committee
    • Steve King - Faculty Awards Committee
    • Joe Wills - Faculty Awards Committee
  • Sharon Salcido - Staff Liaison and Staff Awards Committee, Chair
    • Abe Baily - Staff Awards Committee
    • Joe Wills - Staff Awards Committee
    • Anne Russell - Staff Awards Committee
    • Billie Kanter - Staff Awards Committee
  • Ken Edson - Member at Large and Historian

2024 Nominations

To nominate potential Hall of Honor inductees into the 2024 event, please use this Nomination Form (PDF). These must be submitted to erfsa@csuchico.edu by October 31st.