Earth and Environmental Sciences (ERTH)

Fall 2017

Seminar Schedule (PDF)

Please join us throughout the semester to learn more about a variety of topics in the areas of geology, environmental science, and more!

Time and Location (unless otherwise noted): 4:00-4:50 PM, PHSC 202 - CSU Chico

Seminar Schedule

Tues Sept 5

Dennis Veich and Griffin Perea, USDA - Forest Service and Central Valley Water Board

An Office with a View: What I do and Where I do it

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Thurs Sept 14

Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, California State University, Chico

Understanding Hurricanes (Note: AYRS 106 from 4-5:30 pm)

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Tues Sept 19

Dr. Gwen Arnold, Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis

Lessons Local Anti-Fracking Policy Campaigns Offer about Policy Advocacy and Policy Change

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Tues Sept 26

Dr. Amelia Vankeuren, Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento

Combating Climate Change with Mantle Rocks 

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Tues Oct 3

Dr. Max Rudolph, Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis

Initiation and subsurface dynamics of the Lusi mud eruption (East Java, Indonesia)

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Tues Oct 10

Gene Lewis and Sean Lucas, GEOS Graduates, California State University, Chico and LCI

Oroville Dam Spillway Repairs


Tues Oct 17

Dr. Thomas Harter, Endowed Chair in Water Management and Policy, University of California, Davis

Assessment and Monitoring of Nutrient Management in Irrigated Agriculture for Groundwater Quality Protection

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Tues Oct 24

Jenny Van Wyk, PhD Student, University of California, Davis

Native Bees and Ecosystem Function: CA Pond and Plug Wet Meadow Restoration

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Tues Oct 31

Dr. John Spitzley, Engineer, CH2M Hill

Iron Mountain Mine

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Thurs Nov 9

Dr. Rosemary Knight, Professor, Stanford University

The Use of Geophysical Methods for Groundwater Evaluation and Management

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Tues Nov 14

Dr. Steven Sadro, Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis

Watershed Ecology

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Tues Nov 28

LeAndra MacDonald, Senior Director, Product Development, Ecova Inc.

How I Turned a Geology Degree Into a Sexy Career

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Tues Dec 5

Geoscience Seniors, California State University, Chico

Senior Projects

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