Earth and Environmental Sciences (ERTH)

Spring 2019

Please join us this spring semester to learn more about topics in the areas of geology, environmental science, environmental policy, and more! Most talks are free and open to the public (see below for the two talks which are GRA Branch Meetings). Titles are tentative, so temper your excitement accordingly.

Seminar Schedule
Monday, February 255:30PM
PHSC 202
Dr. Robert (Bob) Miller, Professor, San Jose St. University
Cascadia tectonics
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Monday, March 45:30PM
PHSC 202
Dr. Todd Greene, Professor, CSU Chico
Facies architecture and provenance of a boulder-conglomerate submarine channel system, Panoche Formation, Great Valley Group: A forearc basin response to middle Cretaceous tectonism in the California convergent margin
 Video not available
Wednesday, March 13*6:30PM
Radley Ott, P.E., Assistant Public Works Director
Butte County, CA

Recovery Efforts and Watershed Impacts Related to the 153,336 Acre Camp Fire in Northern California
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Monday, March 255:30PM
PHSC 202
Alberto Garrido
Oroville Dam spillway - A day in the life of an engineering geologist
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Wednesday, April 105:00PM
ARTS 106
Dr. Allen Glazner
A twenty-first century view of plutons; granite and ice cream: "meltamorphism" and crystal growth at (relatively) low temperatures
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Monday, April 155:30PM
PHSC 202
Harihar Nepal (M.S.), Cal EPA - Water Quality Control Board
Cannabis Cultivation and California Regulation
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Wednesday, April 17*6:30PM
David Sandino, Esq.
The disconnect between groundwater legal systems and groundwater hydrology: What changes should be made to groundwater law to better reflect the physical environment?
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Monday, April 225:30PM
Location TBA
GEOS Students
Hawaii Trip Posters
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Monday, May 65:30PM
PHSC 202
GEOS Graduate Students
Thesis proposals
Video available
by request

*The designated talks are presented in association with the Groundwater Resources Association (GRA) Branch Meetings