Experience Excellence

Outstanding Faculty

Asa Simon Mittman is on a mission to share medieval monsters with the world. The art history professor’s major art exhibition on the topic—the first of its kind in the nation—debuted at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City with a focus on the aura of those in power, the alienation of marginalized groups, and monsters as a source of inspiration. As he examines where monsters came from and what they tell about those who dreamed them up, Mittman demonstrates how individuals and groups dehumanize and disempower others is still a lesson of great relevance in the world today.

Feraidon Ataie was named International Professor of the Year by a global standards development organization for his leadership with the Concrete Industry Management program. One of just four in the nation, the program has enhanced its curriculum with new courses and embedded industry guidelines to ensure graduates are workforce ready.

Feraidon Ataie (Department Head CIMT) being photographed for his work on a Concrete Industry project

Jennifer Oloff-Lewis Faculty

Jennifer Oloff-Lewis and her colleagues were awarded a $1.2 million Noyce Grant from the Natural Science Foundation for the Northern California Math and Science Teacher Program to fund one of the largest campus scholarships and help respond to the critical need for K–12 STEM teachers.

Kasey DeAtley was recognized as the University’s 2017–18 Outstanding Research Mentor for her encouragement of students in the classroom and in competition. The agriculture professor coached the national Academic Quadrathlon and Rangeland Cup wins, and regularly helps students prepare research projects for national conferences.

Dr. Kasey DeAtley

Clare Roby, associate dean for Regional & Continuing Education, was named the winner of the 2018–19 Chancellor’s Award for Administrator Excellence and Innovation. She recently created a leadership program for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to develop visionary leaders and champions of change for California.

Clare Roby Interim Dean Regional and Continuing Education

Brittany Fortune, marketing lecturer and program manager for the Seufferlein Sales Program, won the Best Teaching Innovation Award at the National Conference for Sales Management. After a six-year winning streak, the program again made a great showing at the Western States Collegiate Sales Competition, with first- and third-place victories in the individual categories.

Anthropology professor Brian Brazeal has directed two award-winning films and produced sixteen other films. Illusions in Stone, which traces the global emerald trade from mining to market, was picked up for nationwide distribution by the National Educational Telecommunications Association to make it available on PBS nationwide.

Illusions of Stone film poster

History professor Kate Transchel has been researching human trafficking from the former Soviet Union for more than 20 years, interviewing dozens of survivors and their rescuers in Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova. On campus, she shares her expertise and advocacy as advisor to the student organization Stop Trafficking of Persons.