Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Special Circumstances Appeals

Special Circumstance Appeal Timeline - please submit your appeal by the following date to allow sufficient time for processing:

  • Attending fall only - submit by November 1
  • Attending fall and/or spring - submit by April 15

2023/24 Special Circumstances Appeals:  Open May 1, 2023

Financial aid eligibility may be reconsidered based on new financial information not reflected on your FAFSA or CA Dream Application. If you or your parents (if applicable) will have a significant reduction in income due to divorce, death, or loss of employment for two months or more, if you have substantial medical or dental expenses, or if you have other special circumstances, you may submit an special circumstances appeal.

Some Special Circumstances Categories:

  • Family Contribution:
    • Reduction in income
    • Substantial non-reimbursed medical and/or dental expenses
    • Financial support of extended family members
  • Substantial non-reimbursed travel/commuting expenses
  • Child care expenses/elementary or secondary school tuition
  • Change in student marital status
  • Loss of home or property due to fire or other disaster
  • Budget increase for cost of computer. No appeal is necessary. See our computer budget adjustment web page.

Directions to Complete Appeals

If you feel your circumstances meet the criteria for an appeal, complete and submit the appropriate appeal(s). Students filing a 2023-2024 FAFSA or CA Dream Application must use the 2023-2024 Appeal. 

  • Complete and submit a FAFSA (opens in new window)or CA Dream Application online.
  • Appeals are completed electronically through your Financial Aid Account.
  • See "Appeals" under 2023/24 Forms for step-by-step instructions on how to select and complete your appeal. 
  • Request an appeal by selecting the "Manage Requests" button at the top right corner of your Financial Aid Account.
    • Select "Professional Judgement: Special Circumstances - EFC Calculation Appeal" for Income Reduction, Non-Reimbursed Medical/Dental/Vision Expenses, and Support of Extended Family Members.
    • For Change in Marital Status, Travel Adjustment or Child Care/K-12 Tuition, select the appropriate appeal. 
  • Complete and submit the appeal, making sure all supporting documentation is attached.
  • If more than one Special Circumstance Appeal is needed, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at (530) 898-6451.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that you accept your initial award offer and plan to cover preliminary costs from your current aid package, employment, and family resources. An advisor will review your appeal and notify you by email of the outcome. All appeals will be reviewed in the order they are received. 

The Special Circumstances Appeal – Income Reduction includes options for reduction in parent income, student income, and student/spouse income. If there are other special circumstances not covered by these topics that have had a serious negative financial impact on your family, use the Income Reduction Appeal and provide a personal statement and supporting documentation.