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Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

To meet Chico State Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for financial aid, you are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA as set forth in the Chico State Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy and you are required to make progress toward completing your graduation requirements at an acceptable rate or cumulative earned units (PACE). PACE is equal to cumulative units completed divided by cumulative units attempted. In order to make acceptable progress, your PACE must be 67% or higher. Students who did not meet satisfactory academic progress requirements are ineligible for further financial aid at Chico State. See Satisfactory Academic Progress.

If you have extenuating circumstances that affected your ability to maintain the required minimum GPA and/or cumulative PACE and would like to be considered for financial aid funding, please complete a SAP appeal through your Financial Aid Account(opens in new window). See instructions at the bottom of this web page.

If you are looking for information about Maximum Unit Appeals, visit this web page

Step by Step Instructions

Click the drop down box below for step by step instructions on how to complete your appeal. 

  • Step-by-Step SAP Appeal Instructions
    If you are requesting a SAP appeal, follow the steps below. If a SAP appeal has been assigned to you, start at step 5.
    1. Log in to your Financial Aid Account. If you have not logged into your Financial Aid Account before, you will need to create an account. Be sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your FAFSA or CADAA.
    2. Click the red "Manage Requests" button at the top right corner of the screen, then click the plus sign to the right of "SAP Appeal"
    3. Enter a short one-sentence reason for your appeal, then click submit
    4. You will see the message "Your request has been successfully created!" Click "Ok"
    5. Under "Needs Action" click the "SAP Appeal" box
    6. Click the red bar with the words "SAP Appeal", then click "Fill Out"
    7. Follow the instructions to complete the form
    8. If you have supporting documentation you would like to upload, click the "supporting documentation" box at the bottom of the "Signed Statement Request Instructions" page
    9. Click Next, enter your e-sign password and click E-Sign. You will see a box with "Success". Read the message and click "Ok"
    10. After submitting your appeal if you have supporting documentation be sure to upload it. If you clicked Yes in error, you can go back into your appeal by clicking "fill out" and change your answer to "No, I do not have supporting documentation"
    11. Finish your appeal by clicking the “submit” button at the bottom

    Appeals will be reviewed in the order received. You will receive notice of our decision in your Chico State email.

    Call us at 530-898-6451 if you have any questions.