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Online Letter of Recommendation Guidelines

Instructions for Students:

At least one letter of recommendation must be submitted by a reference in addition to the submission of the online Wildcat Scholarship Application in order to be considered for a scholarship. Please have no more than two letters submitted on your behalf.

  • In the Wildcat Scholarship Application, you must enter the name and email address of each person for whom you are requesting a letter of recommendation. They will be automatically sent an email requesting information and instructions on how to submit a letter.

Scholarships in these areas do not require the letter of recommendation, but a student's scholarship opportunities will be increased by also submitting a letter of recommendation for consideration of other university scholarships.

  • The Department of Art and Art History requires all majors in their department submit an Art Portfolio.
  • The Department of Music and Theatre requires an audition for consideration of all music and theatre scholarship opportunities.
  • Please contact these departments for more details regarding the portfolio or audition.
  • The Letter of Recommendation reference is a required field on the application. If you choose to complete an audition or a portfolio only, you must enter "Scholarship Office" as the name of the reference and scholarships@csuchico.edu for the email address to fill the requirement.

How to Ask for a Recommendation:

  • Start Now: Be considerate. Don't wait until the last minute to ask for a reference. Letters may be requested by you personally before the Wildcat Scholarship Application opens or before you complete the application. This will allow for your reference to have your letter ready to submit when they receive the email request from us.
  • Choose Wisely: Ask someone who knows you well and can write about your academic potential, your career goals, your volunteer and organizational commitments, etc. A recommender could be a faculty member or teacher, a counselor, an advisor, an employer, or an organizational leader. They should have direct contact with you, but should not be an immediate relative.
  • Ask Nicely: It may be a while since you’ve spoken to a prospective reference, provide the recommender with a resume or a list of accomplishments, activities and goals, and an unofficial academic transcript to assist in the preparation of the letter. Provide faculty with the course name and semester you were enrolled. Make an effort to go to their office hours to ask them to brief them on what you have been doing and ask for a letter.
  • Follow Up: You are responsible to monitor that a letter has been submitted on your behalf on your scholarship application account. Monitor the status of the reference request or retrigger an email request from your "References" page. You may want to contact your reference to follow up personally to remind them of the deadline as necessary. Though only one reference letter is required it’s always good to have a second reference request as a backup.
  • Send Thanks: To keep the relationship and show your appreciation—always remember to let your recommenders know the outcome and thank them. This keeps maintain a good relationship for the long-term--you may need to ask your recommender for something again in the future. 

Instructions for Recommendation Providers:

1. Please provide student with your preferred name and email to enter on the online Wildcat Scholaship Application during the application period.

2. You will receive an email from Wildcat Scholarships requesting a letter and instructions on how to upload and submit the letter online. Please refer back to this email to log in or create an account if this is        your first time you have been requested as a reference.

3. Please include the student's full name in your letter of recommendation. It is preferred that official letterhead as a PDF or Microsoft Word document. The content of your letter will be confidential and only provided to appropriate scholarship reviewers.

4. Using the following questions as a guide, we suggest you provide an overall rating that assesses the applicant's abilities, talents and potential for academic success:

  • How long have you known the applicant and under what circumstances have you become familiar with the applicant's academic abilities?
  • Please assess the applicant's exceptional achievements and ability to contribute to the University's learning environment.
  • Indicate the applicant's potential for success, leadership skills and specific areas of interest.
  • Describe adverse circumstances the student has had to overcome to achieve success.
  • How would you rate the applicant's motivation and initiative in pursuing academic and career goals?

Your letter of recommendation must be submitted by February 20.

If you have questions, email scholarships@csuchico.edu.

Students: Checking Letters Status Online

You may check submission status online by signing back into your Wildcat Scholarship Application. On the Reference tab, click on "Active". Under the Status Column you will see if your letter has been "submitted" or still in "Requested" status. You may decide to send another request by clicking on the "Resend Request" button. If necessary, you may need to follow-up directly with your Recommender.

Reference view

How Scholarship Recipients Are Notified

Wildcat Scholarship recipients will be notified in summer for the upcoming school year via their Wildcat e-mail, with instructions to accept or decline the scholarship offer.  Recipients should view instructions on finalizing their awards and tips for writing thank you letters. All scholarship qualifications must be met in order for recipients to receive and maintain their scholarships.