Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

State University Grant (SUG)

SUG is a state grant awarded by Chico State to California residents who have an eligible Student Aid Index (SAI). Both graduate students and undergraduates may be eligible for SUG. Since funds are limited and subject to availability, it is important to apply by the May 2, 2024 priority deadline.

SUG awards are based on full-time enrollment. You must be enrolled in a minimum of half-time units to maintain eligibility. If you are enrolled half-time, the award amount will be adjusted. The typical full-time annual SUG award is listed in the table below. Estimated award offers are subject to change.

Typical Full-Time Annual SUG Award
ProgramFull-Time EnrollmentPart-Time Enrollment
Undergraduate$2871/semester (7+ units)$1665/semester (6 units)
Credential$3330/semester (7+ units)$1932/semester (6 units)
Graduate Master's$3588/semester (7+ units)$2082/semester (Master's student 4-6 units)

Please note: SUG is awarded to assist with payment of state tuition fees. If your tuition fees are being waived or paid by another agency, such as Vocational Rehabilitation, you are not eligible for SUG. If you receive a SUG and are later notified that another source will pay your fees, such as a fee waiver, third party payment, or a Cal Grant, you will be required to repay the SUG.

State University Grant Lifetime Limits

SUG eligibility is based on degree programs and earned units. Students who are SUG eligible must be enrolled at least half time and meet the following criteria:

Undergraduate Students

  • Undergraduate non-transfer students cannot have earned more than 150 semester units.
  • Undergraduate transfer students with fewer than 75 semester units: total transfer units + Chico State units cannot exceed 150 earned semester units.
  • Undergraduate transfer students with 75 or more semester units cannot have earned more than 75 semester units at Chico State.

Credential Students

  • Credential students may receive SUG for their initial credential, up to a total earned units equivalent to 100% of unit requirements as published in the university catalog. Students enrolled in the Conditionally Classified Credential Program are not eligible for SUG.

Graduate Students

  • Graduate students cannot exceed more than 125% earned units of their required program length. (All prior Master’s degree objectives including Extended Education and graduate transfer units are included.)

Second Bachelor’s, second Credential, second Master’s degree, or Conditionally Classified Credential Students

  • Students enrolled in the Conditionally Classified Credential Program, or who are pursuing a second Bachelor’s, second Credential, or second Master’s degree are not eligible for SUG.

Please note: Remedial coursework, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Military credit, Pre-baccalaureate credit, and credit by examination will not count as earned units toward the new SUG limits.