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Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

How to Apply

Eligibility and Applying

To be eligible for a federal student loan, you must complete and submit a current year FAFSA and be regularly admitted to the University in an approved program leading to a degree or credential. If you are eligible, you will be awarded your maximum eligibility in Stafford loans after all available grants are awarded.

If you are eligible, you may apply for a loan at any time during the academic year. To apply, complete a loan application. If you declined a loan offered as part of your initial financial aid award, you are still eligible to apply to receive that loan at a later date. If you are an independent student and would like to request an unsubsidized loan, you may also apply to do that at any time during the academic year. Processing of loan applications is done in order of date received.  Processing time will be impacted by workload during our busiest times, especially summer and early fall.  Continue to check your Student Center "To Do List" to make sure you have submitted all requested documents.

Plus Loans

To apply for a PLUS loan, a PLUS loan application must be completed each year. Parents of undergraduates may apply for PLUS loans.

Graduate students who have met their annual limits may apply for Graduate PLUS Loans. Find more information on the PLUS loans page.

After You Apply

When the loan is added to your award package, you will receive an e-mail message from us to check your Student Center. Go to Finances, click on “View Financial Aid,” click on the aid year, and you will see the loan entered into your financial aid.

Promissory Notes

First–time borrowers of Federal Direct Stafford loans must complete and submit a master promissory note before the first loan disbursement may be released. The promissory note is your promise to repay loan funds disbursed to you. You are required to submit only one note during your academic career at CSU, Chico.

If you are required to complete and submit a promissory note, you will receive notification by e-mail, and it will appear on your “To Do List” in your Student Center.

Required steps when you first take out a Direct Loan:

Easy Tips

Check your Student Center “To Do List.” If either your MPN or loan entrance counseling does not clear within 3 business days, try doing it again. It is important to know that these sites are case sensitive. Also, if a number is transposed, such as when you enter identifying numbers, the checklist item will not clear and your loan will be delayed.