Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Computer Budget Adjustment

Computers as an Educational Expense

According to federal financial aid regulations, the cost of a computer is considered an educational expense. The maximum one-time computer allowance is $1,500 which can be added to your cost of attendance (budget) and could increase your loan eligibility. The source of funds for a computer purchase is generally the Federal Direct Loan program. If you have already borrowed your annual or aggregate maximum in Federal Direct loans, you will not be eligible to borrow more for a computer purchase.

If your major requires a specific computer bundle costing over $1500 and you would like a budget increase over $1500, you must make an appointment with a financial aid advisor and bring:

  1. the receipt for your computer purchase, which must be dated during the current academic year AND
  2. a letter from your Department certifying that the computer bundle purchased is required for your major.

To submit an online Computer Budget Adjustment form - see Forms & Applications. The application opens on August 1.