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Federal Direct Stafford Loans

Stafford Loans, through the Direct Loan program, are for undergraduate, credential and post-baccalaureate students enrolled at least half-time. The loans you receive will be either subsidized, unsubsidized, or a combination of both.

  • A subsidized loan is awarded on the basis of financial need. Interest on subsidized loans is paid by the federal government while a student is enrolled at least half-time.
  • An unsubsidized loan is not awarded on the basis of need. You will be charged interest from the time the loan is disbursed until it is paid in full. You may opt to allow the interest to accumulate while you are in school or during other allowable periods of nonpayment. This interest will be added to the principal amount of your loan, and additional interest will be based on that higher amount.

Note: If your interest is capitalized, it will increase the amount you have to repay. You can choose to pay the interest as it accrues; if so, you will repay less in the long run. View Loan Term and Financial Management Information for explanation of loan terms.

See Stafford Loan Limits for loan eligibility. You may apply for additional loans above the amount you have been offered if you have not reached your annual loan eligibility and cost of attendance.

See Federal Direct PLUS Loans for information on Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS Loans) and Graduate PLUS Loans for master's degree students.

Interest Rates and Processing Fees

Interest rates for both Direct Stafford and PLUS loans are variable fixed, meaning rates may be adjusted by Congress for each academic year beginning July 1. The rate received will be fixed for the life of the loan. Current and past Direct Loan interest rates are available from Federal Student Aid.

Interest rates for July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018 are:

Direct Subsidized Loans (Undergraduates)

Direct Unsubsidized Loans (Undergraduates) 4.45%
Direct Unsubsidized Loans (Graduate or Professional Students)                                                                                                                6%
Direct PLUS Loans (Parents and Graduate or Professional Students) 7%

*In 2017-2018, loan origination fees will be deducted by the federal processor as follows:

  • Direct Stafford Loans: 1.069% origination fee if loan was initially disbursed before 10/1/17. 
  • Direct PLUS and Graduate PLUS: 4.276% origination fee if loan was initially disbursed before 10/1/17.

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Stafford Loan Limits

Loan amounts for new first-year students and transfer students are initially estimated at the grade level you provided on your FAFSA. Transfer students may be reduced later to the amount for the first-year grade level, until all units earned at previous institutions are reflected in your CSU, Chico permanent record in the Student Records Office. Transfer students may submit a Federal Direct Loan Application to request additional loan funds that will be processed after your accurate grade level has been determined.

Loan amounts for continuing students will be estimated at the current grade level at the time of awarding. Undergraduate students may progress a grade level after grades are posted at the end of a semester. If you expect to progress as a postbaccalaureate student, your initial loan may be estimated at the fourth-year undergraduate level until we can determine your graduate classification. Continuing students may submit a Federal Direct Loan Application to request additional loan funds that will be processed after your accurate grade level has been determined.

Loan amounts for graduating seniors enrolled for one semester only:
- enrolled in fewer than 12 units, loans are prorated down, based on units
- enrolled in more than 12 units, loans are prorated up based on units

First-time Direct Stafford Subsidized Loan borrowers (on or after July 1, 2013) will have a time limitation for subsidized loan eligibility.  In general, the maximum period of time (measured in academic years) that these students can receive a Direct Subsidized Loans is 150% of the published length of their program.  Once a student reaches the Subsidized Loan time limitation, he or she may be eligible for Unsubsidized Stafford Loans only.  Click here for detailed information on calculating Subsidized Loan time limitations.

2017-2018 Direct Stafford Loans for Students

Dependent Undergraduate or PBAC Annual Limit* Aggregate Limit**
Sub & Unsub Add'l Unsub Annual Total
First Year (0-29.9 units) $3,500 $2,000 $5,500 $31,000 (no more than $23,000 of which can be subsidized
Second Year (30-59.9 units) $4,500 $2,000 $6,500
Third Year + (60+ units) $5,500 $2,000 $7,500
CRED, CCRED $5,500 $0 $5,500
Independent Undergraduate or PBAC Annual Limit* Aggregate Limit**
Sub & Unsub Add'l Unsub Annual Total
First Year (0-29.9 units) $3,500 $6,000 $9,500 $57,500 total (no more than $23,000 of which can be subsidized)
Second Year (30-59.9 units) $4,500 $6,000 $10,500
Third Year + (60+ units), PBAC, CCRED, CRED, QLGRAD programs $5,500 $7,000 $12,500
Independent Graduate Annual Limit* Aggregate Limit**
Unsub Annual Total
Graduate*** $20,500 $20,500 $138,500 total (undergrad & grad combined)

* Annual limit, or up to the cost of attendance, whichever is less.

**Aggregate limit, or the cumulative limit of Stafford loan allowed for degree program. Undergraduate aggregate limits are different for dependent and independent students. The aggregate limit for graduate students is separate from the undergraduate limit.

***Graduate students will be eligible for unsubsidized loan only. The annual limit for direct Stafford loans for graduate students will be $20,500.

Note: Dependent students whose parents are unable to obtain a PLUS loan may borrow loan amounts equivalent to an independent student.

Click here for the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Application

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Promissory Notes

First–time borrowers of Federal Direct Stafford loans must complete and submit a master promissory note before the first loan disbursement may be released. The promissory note is your promise to repay loan funds disbursed to you. You are required to submit only one note during your academic career at CSU, Chico.

If you are required to complete and submit a promissory note, you will receive notification by e-mail, and it will appear on your To Do List in your Student Center.

Required steps when you first take out a Direct Loan:

Easy Tips

Check your Student Center “To Do List.” If either your MPN or loan entrance counseling does not clear within 3 business days, try doing it again. It is important to know that these sites are case sensitive. Also, if a number is transposed, such as when you enter identifying numbers, the checklist item will not clear and your loan will be delayed.

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Loans are generally released in two disbursements, half in fall and half in spring. One-semester loans have a single disbursement. If you are applying for a loan to help cover additional expenses for one semester, as for study abroad, it is possible to arrange for a one semester loan. Contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office to explain your needs.

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Grace Period

Required step when you graduate or leave CSU, Chico:

  • Loan Exit Counseling - This is completed through studentloans.gov. Make sure you do the Exit Exam. Exit counseling is required before you leave school to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a borrower. You will receive information about repayment and your loan servicer will notify you of the date loan repayment begins (usually six months after your graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment). Parent Plus Loan borrowers do not participate in exit counseling.

When you graduate, leave school, or drop below half–time enrollment, you have a set period of time called a “grace period” that gives you time to get financially settled and select your repayment plan. After your grace period, you must begin repayment on your loans.  Click here for more information.

  • Your grace period will be six months for Direct Stafford Loans.
  • If you are called to active military duty for more than 30 days, the grace period will be delayed.
  • Direct PLUS loans do not have a grace period, but borrowers can defer repayment for six months. Click here for more information. The repayment period begins when the loan is fully disbursed, and the first payment is due 60 days after the final disbursement.
*Note: If you received a Direct Subsidized Loan that was first disbursed July 1, 2012 or later, you will be responsible for paying any interest that accrues during your grace period. If you choose not to pay the interest that accrues during your grace period, the interest will be added to your principle balance.

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The U.S. Department of Education uses several loan servicers for the Direct Loan Program.  When you receive your first Direct Loan, you will be contacted by your loan servicer. You will be notified by the servicers as to where and when to send payments. Because the servicer is handling the day-to-day operations of your loan, but not providing the loan funds, correspondence you receive vary from servicer to servicer. There are several repayment plans to help you manage this important financial responsibility. You are responsible for beginning repayment on time even if you don’t receive this information. Failing to make payments on your loan can lead to default. Find more details and examples of repayment amounts at www.studentaid.ed.gov/repaying (interactive calculators are also available there). 

If you can’t locate your servicer information or have questions about your loans, you can look up your federal student loan history through the U.S. Department of Education’s National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) at www.nslds.ed.gov. You will need your FSA ID to access the database.  You can also call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243, TTY 1-800-730-8913).

Additional Contact Information

Federal Student Aid U.S. Department of Education

Telephone numbers:

Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC): 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243)
TTY (for the hearing impaired): 1-800-730-8913
Locations unable to access the toll-free service number: 1-334-523-2691

Call Center Hours:
Monday-Friday   8am-11pm Eastern time (ET)
Saturday           8am-5pm ET
Sunday             Noon-6pm ET

Direct Loan Servicing

Toll free: 1-800-557-7394
Overseas/International: 011-315-738-6634
Hearing Impaired Borrowers with a TDD: 1-800-848-0983

Direct Loan Consolidation

Toll free: 1-800-557-7392
Hearing Impaired Borrowers with a TDD: 1-800-557-7395

Loan Links

  • Know your federal financial aid history and locate your loan servicer contact information. The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the U.S. Department of Education's central database for student aid. You can review all your federal aid (loans and pell grants) on this integrated website.

  • Visit studentaid.ed.gov to understand your loan terms and repayment plan for a comprehensive overview of student financial aid.

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