Financial Accounting and Reporting

Financial Statements

Financial Statements

Chico campus financial statements are audited by KPMG on a limited scope basis for consolidation into the CSU Systemwide financials. Each campus’s specific financial information is presented in the Supplementary Information section of the consolidated CSU Systemwide financials. Use the links below to reference Chico’s most recent campus financials:

2019/2020 (PDF)see pages 109-113

2018/2019 (PDF)see pages 100-104

2017/2018 (PDF) - see pages 102-107

2016/2017 (PDF)- see pages 97-101

2015/2016 (PDF) - see pages 84-88

For financial statements issued prior to the above years, please see the CSU Financial Services website(opens in new window) and select the fiscal year from the drop-down menu for “Systemwide”

For additional guidance, please email Financial Accounting and Reporting at