The Office of Faculty Development

Mission and Vision Statement

FDEV Mission

The Office of Faculty Development exists to help all faculty flourish as teachers, scholars, leaders, and colleagues in a stimulating and sustainable academic environment. To this end, the office:

  • Cultivates a campus culture that supports, honors, and rewards the achievements and creativity of a diverse faculty;
  • Guides faculty to programs and resources for innovative teaching strategies and technologies with a focus on student success;
  • Promotes awareness about equitable teaching and learning and supports faculty in implementing inclusive and antiracist pedagogy;
  • Helps faculty achieve their scholarly and creative goals in the context of competing opportunities and demands;
  • Nurtures faculty throughout the career lifespan through mentorship and leadership development programs; and 
  • Provides a physical space that enables faculty collaboration, offers access to supportive resources and personnel, and fosters a sense of belonging.

FDEV Vision

A community of teacher-scholars empowered for excellence in every phase of their careers through access to resources, rich and innovative programming, and campus-wide networks of support.