Faculty Development

Course Redesign with Technology

Over the past 5 years, Chico State faculty have made significant enhancements to 64 courses via the Course Redesign with Technology initiative. The Course Redesign with Technology (CRT) program assists faculty in redesigning bottleneck courses in an effort to improve student success by decreasing the number of repeatable grades earned in such courses.

The CRT program experience consists of faculty participants attending a Summer Institute, engaging in professional learning communities, reconnecting with the CRT team during a mid-year meeting, and working on their e-Portfolios across the year-long program cycles. The CRT team provides support to faculty as they complete program requirements and actively collects data to determine program outcomes.

Spring 2018 CRT

The Spring 2018 CRT showcase took place on March 6, 2018. For information on future CRT showcases, please reach out to us at fdev@csuchico.edu.

Flyer giving information on the Spring 2018 CRT.