The Office of Faculty Development

FDEV Resources

Explore a visual index (PDF) of what the Office of Faculty Development offers.

Each card will send you to a specific FDEV resource, tool, or program.

FDEV Mission Statement Postcard
The FDEV Team provides resources and professional development programs to faculty.
FDEV Media Channel Postcard
Media Channel
Over 100 recordings that you can watch asynchronously.
FDEV Mentoring Postcard
Faculty mentors work with junior faculty to provide professional support.
FDEV Model Course Design Postcard
Model Course Design
The Model Course Design offers a database of course portfolios to explore.
FDEV Programs Postcard
Our programs are designed to support faculty as both teachers and scholars.
FDEV Readi Hub Postcard
READI is a hub for the study of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) and antiracist practices.
FDEV Recognition Postcard
Faculty Development celebrates outstanding faculty, tenure, and promotion.
FDEV Podcast Postcard
Rise, Teach, Learn Podcast
The podcast engages in conversations with Chico faculty, staff, and students.
FDEV Rose Garden Postcard
Rose Garden Room
Visit MLIB 459 to take a break, grade assignments, read, write, or work on your research.
FDEV Teaching Postcard
Teaching Guides
Teaching Guides offer concise and easily digestible tips to apply in your course.
FDEV Teaching Resources Postcard
Teaching Resources
Explore resources focused on teaching and learning.
FDEV Tuesday Tips Postcard
Tuesday Tips
Weekly Tuesday Tips emails are sent to all faculty on academic year.
Virtual Library Postcard
Virtual Library
Faculty Development has selected a list of electronic publications for faculty.
FDEV Workshops Postcard
Faculty Development offers informational sessions on various topics in higher education.
Zine Postcard
The FDEV Zine includes news about the faculty experience at Chico State.