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The Office of Faculty Development

Teaching Guides

The Teaching Guides are designed to offer concise and easily digestible tips in 5 different major areas of instruction: "Assessment," "Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion," "Instructional Planning," "Pedagogy," and "Technology & Accessibility." Each teaching guide offers an overview of the topic covered, information about research on that topic, tips for application, and resources organized in 4 areas: EXPLORE (websites), LISTEN (podcasts), WATCH (videos), and READ (academic articles). The searchable bar allows to narrow down the list of guides that are visible on the page. You can search by typing one of the major areas in the bar (for example “Assessment,” if you are interested in exploring all guides on assessment), or more specific keywords (for example: "engagement," "podcasting," "critical thinking," etc.). While the teaching guides available at this stage are limited, new guides will be posted every Friday. We invite you to reach out to our FDEV Faculty Fellow, Dr. Jamie Linn Gunderson(opens in new window), if you want to contribute to this page and write a teaching guide.

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