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Podcasting for Teaching & Learning

Podcasting is a method for distributing information through digital audio files that can be streamed over the internet or downloaded for listening. Podcasting provides a way of disseminating information that can be accessed at any time and downloaded to a variety of devices. Podcasts can be designed to consist of a stand-alone episode or can consist of a series of episodes to which listeners can subscribe. Podcasting is gaining popularity as pedagogy in higher education and is a strategy well-aligned with the principles of Universal Design for Learning.

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    Examine selected research on podcasting in higher education:

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    Ready to start podcasting? Here are some ideas and strategies to get you started:

    1. Take time to plan and outline your podcast! If you invite speakers, be sure to prepare them by providing big ideas or talking points related to the topic.
    2. Consider the length of your podcast - recordings between 15 and 45 minutes are optimal.
    3. Provide listeners access download the podcast on multiple devices and do not forget to provide a script. 
    4. Edit - use applications like GarageBand or Audacity to mix and blend your audio tracks






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