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Teaching Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. Because of this, being able to address climate in the classroom is increasingly necessary, regardless of what area or discipline we work in. Due to the broad and systemic nature of climate issues, from highly technical scientific research and deep existential questions to everyday experiences of the food we consume and the clothes we wear, faculty (and students) often find it challenging deciding where to begin. 

For the purposes of this teaching guide we have focused on the social and cultural elements of teaching about climate change, rather than the technical aspects. This allows for multiple entry points into climate change engagement and makes it easier to design and develop activities and readings that a wide range of students will be able to engage with across the university, including those in the natural sciences who might have a deeper knowledge or interest in climate science issues. 

This guide also includes links to a variety of online activities for students to do, such as ecological footprint/carbon footprints calculators and climate change surveys, which can be paired together to create even richer classroom engagements.

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