The Office of Faculty Development

Creating Anti-Racist Classrooms

One of the important functions of universities today is to help educate and teach students how to thrive in an increasingly diverse and multicultural world. One important way we can support that as educators is to actively cultivate and model anti-racist values and pedagogies in our classroom and academic communities. 

This educational mission is all the more important given the rise in hate crimes and violence against communities of color and historically marginalized social groups, from the racialized policing and violence disproportionately impacting Black and brown communities to anti-Asian and anti-semitic hate crimes and violence to the growing threats from anti-immigrant and white supremacist political movements. 

The more faculty can do to help their students (and also other faculty) understand the root causes of these issues and address them through our classes, the better prepared our students (and fellow teachers) will be to address and engage with these issues in their personal and professional lives. This teaching guide looks at several of these key issues, such as what is anti-racist teaching and how to put it in practice.

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