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Course Mapping

Course Mapping is a strategy used by Kinesiology faculty member Dustin Bakkie to help keep students on track while providing clear expectations, due dates, and course structure in his courses.

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What is a Course Map: A course map is a living document that supports the syllabus, but is more dynamic in its use. It is a document that students and the instructor can use day in and day out all semester.

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    Ready to apply Content Mapping to your teaching? Here are some ideas and strategies to get you started:

    There are four steps to creating an effective course map. Click here (Google Sheet) for a template you can use to design your own.

    Step 1: Ensure you have clear Student Learning Objectives that you can tie all the content back to.

    Step 2: Identify your High Impact practices and what activities/assignments you will be including in your curriculum and why you are including them.

    Step 3: Determine a Weekly Rhythm by deciding what a typical week and weekly routine will look like in your classroom. 

    Step 4: Develop a course map outlining each week’s content and expectations. Provide this map to your students. This map will be more detailed than the syllabus.