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Black Lives Matter in the Classroom

The Black Lives Matter movement (#BLM) emerged in 2013 as a response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman over the killing of 17-year old Black youth Trayvon Martin in Florida. The Black Lives Matter movement is the latest example of a long history of struggles for civil rights and racial justice in the United States. 

One important aspect of the #BLM movement for educators are calls to decolonize the university and its curriculum, and whose roots can be traced in part back to the 1960s when SFSU's BSU and the Third World Liberation Front led student protests demanding the creation of ethnic studies programs in California schools. These issues continue to resonate today, as seen in the recently passed AB 1460 legislation(opens in new window) that mandates undergraduate ethics studies courses for all CSU schools.

This teaching guide provides links to materials for incorporating Black Lives Matter and racial justice themes into classroom teaching, as well as providing additional resources for educators looking to go deeper into these topics in their own teaching.

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