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Audacity in the Classroom

This teaching guide is focused on faculty who have never used an audio editing program before but are interested in learning how to incorporate audio projects into their classrooms in some form--from student audio projects to class podcasts. This guide is focused on using Audacity(opens in new window), which is a free, open-source multi-track audio editing software that can be downloaded online. Audacity is also officially supported software through TLP, DLT and ITSS.  

With the growing role of social media and digital technologies in the classroom, more faculty and students are turning to multimedia as part of teaching and learning today, with podcasts becoming an especially popular medium. Knowing how to use a free audio editing platform like Audacity can open up new classroom possibilities, such as taking a pre-recorded video lecture and making it available as a podcast or .mp3 file in Blackboard (or similar LMS). This provides students with multiple ways to engage your class content and can also help students with special instructional needs.

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Browse how-tos and tutorials for Audacity(opens in new window).

Explore the UMass Amherst student generated Audacity resource page: Online Tools for Teaching and Learning(opens in new window).

Learn more about using digital media with KQED Teach(opens in new window).

Be sure to listen to The Audacity to Podcast(opens in new window) to learn more tips, tricks, and insights into using Audacity for podcasting and audio production.

Listen to the Story Corps podcast(opens in new window) to see how everyday people are using the power of digital storytelling.

Watch a tutorial on Audio Editing with Audacity for Beginners - A Faculty Guide(opens in new window)

Watch the FDEV Friday Forum on Podcasting for Teaching & Learning(opens in new window) with CSU Chico faculty discussing how they use podcasts in their teaching.

Read this short piece on Tech in the Classroom: Podcasting with Audacity(opens in new window)from Education World.

Read the Audacity wiki on how to start your own podcast using Audacity(opens in new window).

For more in-depth tips, check out The Book of Audacity(opens in new window) by Carla Schroder.